There’s nothing to be done about it and aging comes with its tendernesses and its own gifts. For example, one has more appreciation for beauty and each other and time feels more precious.

One feels more appreciative of every moment and all those who grace it with you. One has more compassion and understanding of what others go through.

Yes aging comes with health and other diffculties. But it is precious and most of us can still do meaningful work – be it our own or philanthropic.

One can still feel part of everything by staying engaged. So act young, not by wearing a miniskirt or dating someone half your age, but by making sure you take advantage of every way you can to have enthusiasm for life.



So much of life requires this. Patient about meeting your mate and then patient with your mate when you meet him or her. Patient about monies coming in. Patient about bringing your dreams and aspirations to fruition.

Most of us are less versant with patience because of technology. We think everything should move at the pace of our texts and emails but relationships, deals, projects and decisions don’t move at the same speed as devices.

If you are feeling drained and unsettled as you “wait,” know that while you wait, something is working itself out. Other people’s fears, decisions, strategies and efforts. In the end, you will get what you want in the way it is meant to come to fruition.


Are you doing what you love? You may believe part of work is not being happy in your work. That’s why they call it work, you say. But it is not true at all.

You are supposed to feel vitality and excitement in your work. Because it has meaning and what you do brings good into the world. You are using your special talents to make something that people need. Those are the feelings that you can have.

So if you are not having those feelings, think about your special gifts. What inspires you. Then tell yourself you CAN make money doing what you love. Look into it. You may not start making money right away but, in time, you will.

Your other job will feel much easier if you are secretly working on your dream. You must put yourself in the environment of what you love, where other people are doing similar work, and then take it from there. You will get ideas. You will begin. Stay with it. If you are doing what you love, it won’t feel like working.


Sometimes you may not feel love in your heart but someone else does feel love for you. Don’t run away, engage in that love. Perhaps it will grow. Don’t be negative. Open your heart and soul if you can. Let others love you when you are having trouble loving yourself.

You may be needing some quiet time, time for yourself, where you can come to yourself, and see things once again from there. That is where the love is, where you are yourself and fully present, feeling that you are living the life that you are meant to live. Not feeling uncomfortable.

But while you are uncomfortable, let others love you till you return to yourself. Accept others reaching out and care. Accept their solicitations. Accept that you are loveable. You are.


There will be times that your energy is down, and you don’t have a lot to give others. Let others feed you then. They may be flying high on energy and can infuse you with their enthusiasm and love of life.

Be around creative and successful people. They will raise you up and make you feel full of love. Let others give to you when you are down. And you be there for others when their energy is down and yours is up.

Stay in the connection of bucking each other up and exchanging what it is to make life feel good. Don’t cut off from people when you are down. That is precisely when they have gifts for you.

So be good to yourself and give yourself the gifts of friendships and others who can rally around you just when you need it.


It will make you feel free. Enjoy your meals. We worry about our weight so skip the bread, or the fattening foods that you will pay for, but allow yourself rare foods you love. Oysters. Duck. Quinoa, Artichokes, yogurt with fruit and nuts, something that is a treat for yourself.

It will bring out the child in you, the child who is not interested in denying oneself but is interested in celebration. Be good to yourself and give yourself (mostly) healthy treats. It means you are loving yourself and telling yourself you are worthy of happiness.


Screen Shot 2018-03-09 at 16.54.49

Sometimes just walking and going places you don’t normally go to, participating in the theatre and joys and strivings of other scenes and lives will inspire you.

Just sitting down in the sun, in the middle of your work day, and having a coffee or eating popcorn will fill your soul with what is energetic.

You will see there is beauty (cost free) everywhere and that humanity is striving everywhere.

There are poorer and richer than you. There are younger and older.

If you live in the country, you will encounter new trees, new vistas and the walk will not only get your body moving, but will also let your mind know that there are always possibilities for the new, if we are willing to go even a little bit out of our comfort zone.



Even if it is not perfect, even if not all is as you want it, still being in the presence of someone you love will be healing and softening for you. It will feel alive, full of life. Even if this person does not give you everything you dream about but tries, be with him or her and enjoy the feeling of love and admiration you feel with this person.

Enjoy the hope of connection, enjoy giving to the other. It will keep you in emotional shape. It will keep you flexible, and keep your compassion alive.

It will not make love a tit for tat event, but one where you get the pleasure of wisdom of just enjoying being with another on life’s terms, not your terms.

It will strengthen you and give you self-respect that you are not giving into the child within you who says I want everything NOW, but giving into the adult who can give without immediate recompense.



It can be studying the piano, writing, golfing, taking a history course, philosophy course, language course, whatever it is, open yourself to the new. It will make you feel young and excited.

You will meet people living different lives and that will feel young and exciting.

You will challenge yourself and have to overcome inner blocks and that is young and exciting.

It will make you a more interesting person when you meet other people.

It will open doors to new interests that are offshoots of what you are studying.

If exercise is tonic for the body, learning something new is tonic for the mind and being.

Keep an adventurous and open mind.


Screen Shot 2018-03-03 at 14.20.20

I meant speaking on the phone when it interrupts what you need to be doing for yourself. Don’t let others pull you from your work or responsibilities. Don’t spend all your time checking your phone and not focusing on being here, now.

So many people reach out to distract themselves from their own chaos. You don’t need to engage in that. Of course be there for loved ones, but manage your time so that you have time to work, read, walk, see the world around you.

If you care for yourself in this way, you will feel more alive and in charge of your own life.