Choose a place you like to go to. Then pick friends who like to laugh and ask them to come with you to this place. Being there and being with people who face life with wit and perspective in that wit will revitalize you and strengthen you. It will make you forget your woes. It will be cleansing and keep you in the mood for joy, first, and creativity (which is what wit is).

So one way to keep your “juice” flowing, is to be around people who make you laugh and whom you make laugh. It will feel like a celebration.



They are usually much worse in your mind than in reality. Confronting the truth will lead to realistic solutions whereas ignoring them can lead to magical thinking.

Optimism is good, blindness is not. Often we don’t look at our problems because we don’t want to change. But often those changes can be the best thing that ever happened to us because we took care of ourselves and those changes can open us to new adventures and to being in the right place.

In addition, we often hide our worries because we think we might be a burden to people. But if we are open and truthful with people we trust, people will offer guidance or consoling words that will give us hope. It can change the whole picture.

So be open about your worries first with yourself, where you write them down, and really wrestle with solutions. Then discuss your solutions and ideas with friends or family and see if they will stimulate even more interesting options for you. You will find yourself encountering the new in yourself and the new in life.


Sometimes loneliness or no rewards for your efforts coming in will make you feel you are all wrong, which is the opposite of what you desire. Difficulties with people will have the same effect. Someone will say something to you that will feel unkind.

The only answer is to go back to your to-do list and live it. Throw yourself into your duties and something will come of that. It is all we can do and that is the desire with which we meet each other.

We all get thrown off our course, either through a common cold, or our computer breaking down, or a loved one’s insensitivity. We have no control over these happenstances except to keep on keeping on and staying focused on what we know are the right activities we need to be engaged in.

Getting back on track will seemingly get all of it back on track. The computer will get fixed or a solution found, your loved one will come back to you in some type of non verbal apology, your cold will go.

Keep on going when it seems the vicissitudes are against you.


It is a way of expressing gratitude for life and all the abundances we have received. It will make your time on this earth meaningful. It will make others happy. It will be a way of being in dialogue with life. It will make other people feel safer in the world. It will relieve pain, yours and theirs. It is a way of living, a way of ethics.

Most religions say to help one’s neighbor or the stranger or the widow, and to some extent, we are all those people so when we help another, we are helping those parts of ourselves.

Make being generous a philosophy for you. And never miss an opportunity if you are able to. This does not have to be in money. It can be in spending time, in listening, in making a visit to a sick friend, in sending a surprise book to someone. Whatever it is, be on the alert for ways you can be there for others.


I know it can sometimes feel delusional but what else can we do? We have to keep trying as much as we can to accomplish our goals and it takes not giving up on our dreams and desires.

You know in your heart if you will accomplish your desires. You will if you put your best efforts toward it. Keep irons in the fire and keep giving your best. Something will come of it.

Don’t keep your mind focused on what is not happening, but keep it focused on what you are doing so that good things will happen. Stick to your knitting and keep your eye on where you want to be. Don’t let a day go by that you are not moving towards that.


We can’t live without it, sadly, but it should not be our reason for being. That said, we do have to deal with the reality of its demands. The way to do that is live by your beliefs.

Some people believe in living as if they have money when they don’t and this is the life that makes them feel best. Some feel much better saving as much as they can. It depends a lot on what you have seen and probably on how you were brought up.

Some people are drawn to luxury and some are not. But whichever way you like to live, pay your bills. Accept gifts. Give gifts. Pay attention to your work. Always be doing something to enhance your income, if you need to.

There is no sin in working a lot if you need to. It is better than being mired in debt. Work at what you love to pay your bills but work hard so you do pay your bills. Give yourself offordable treats and be willing to change if you have to.

Give Yourself Breaks During the Day

Even if it is to buy a face cream or get a coffee, give yourself these treats. Give your mind a break from worries or dealing with the challenges of work.

Take a second for yourself.

Walk if you can.

Have a conversation with someone that is not related to work.

Buy a gift for a child.

Forward something that will make someone laugh.

That keeps a flow of love and excitement running through you. Usually those breaks will have something to do with beauty so they will infuse your cells with a type of flower, so to speak.


Your friends are your gold. They will be a source of solace, joy, and open your mind to new abundances, ways of living and new ways of looking at things.

So nurture those relationships.

Be there for them and let them be there for you.

Keep the river of love owing between you.

Engage in activities together.

Make the time for lunch or a visit.

Accept them. Keep things joyful.

Share with them your victories and losses.

That connection is a connection to life so engage in it and it will keep you feeling full of life and in tune with the sea of humanity.


There’s nothing to be done about it and aging comes with its tendernesses and its own gifts. For example, one has more appreciation for beauty and each other and time feels more precious.

One feels more appreciative of every moment and all those who grace it with you. One has more compassion and understanding of what others go through.

Yes aging comes with health and other diffculties. But it is precious and most of us can still do meaningful work – be it our own or philanthropic.

One can still feel part of everything by staying engaged. So act young, not by wearing a miniskirt or dating someone half your age, but by making sure you take advantage of every way you can to have enthusiasm for life.


So much of life requires this. Patient about meeting your mate and then patient with your mate when you meet him or her. Patient about monies coming in. Patient about bringing your dreams and aspirations to fruition.

Most of us are less versant with patience because of technology. We think everything should move at the pace of our texts and emails but relationships, deals, projects and decisions don’t move at the same speed as devices.

If you are feeling drained and unsettled as you “wait,” know that while you wait, something is working itself out. Other people’s fears, decisions, strategies and efforts. In the end, you will get what you want in the way it is meant to come to fruition.